Thriving companies are not built upon dreams alone. Or passion. Or innovation. Getting the word out; reaching consumer and business markets, investors and retail partners is what builds robust companies with strong brands, growing revenues and shareholder value. Our own passion is in working with our select roster of environmentally responsible and healthy-product clients to make this happen. Signature Green clients are in the news, on-line, providing expert interviews, speaking at industry events and winning awards. They are leading the way in how their industries do business.

Today, news travels faster than ever before: the media and consumers hooking up in a flash with news sites and social media on-line. But whether a great feature story the old-fashion way -- in a newspaper or magazine -- or on-line to masses in minutes, it is still about the integrity and value in what you have to say. Our work is in defining and presenting this value in unique and powerful ways to the media and the other audiences you need to reach. We are proud of our relationships with the media, and prouder still of our relationships with the incredible clients who have chosen to work with us.

Your success is our success. We look forward to meeting you.

Signature Green

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