I am really happy with Signature Green's presentation of our company to the media. They continuously work with me to create the best message for our brand, grabbing the attention of top media outlets.

Uniquely Signature Green

We seek out companies with the best, most innovative products and services in their space; those that, with our expertise and commitment, will build leadership brands and take their business to new heights of success.

Each of our clients is different, facing unique challenges and opportunities for cornering the attention they need. At Signature Green, we specialize in delivering the right messages to the right markets. We take our work personally, working closely with our clients in getting to know their business, company values and financial goals. Whether mapping out a product launch, a B2B campaign, building on-line traffic or driving booth activity at a trade show, we support our sustainably-minded clients with a tailored set of strategic solutions.

We provide resources that are unique for our industry—a mix of experience in publicity/media relations, brand positioning and business development.

We maintain the best relationships with the media across the country on-line, with business editors, within multiple industries and throughout the environmental community.

We are committed to the success of environmentally responsible and healthyproduct businesses, recognizing that this success is critical to the equation for a healthy environment.

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